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What font is this?

20/02/2014 alle 07:18

Hellooo guys, I'm looking for this font, have used all programs to identify it but it's difficult.

I would be so thankful if some of you could recognise it
Thank you a lot!


Hola chicos, estoy buscando esta fuente, he usado todos los programas para identificarla pero es difícil...
Estaré muy agradecida si alguno la puede reconocer
Muchas gracias!!

What font is this?

Carattere Identificato

Cinnamon Cake  Suggeriti da estabros 

20/02/2014 alle 13:36

Carattere Identificato: Cinnamon Cake

21/02/2014 alle 04:46

Thank you soooo much!!!! <3 That was the font thank youuuu

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