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Help with font name

28/12/2013 alle 13:59

Hi i'm looking for something similar to this font or exactly the same font thnks

Help with font name

Carattere Identificato

Champagne  Suggeriti da fmontpetit 

28/12/2013 alle 14:05

Carattere Identificato: Champagne

28/12/2013 alle 14:38

thanks fmontpetit, But I wonder why the letter "M" is different than the original. Do you think it has been modified or custom made?

28/12/2013 alle 14:40

I beleive it was modified...

28/12/2013 alle 14:45

thanks appreciate your response. and it is not that hard to do the same, just some stretch will make it right. +rep

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