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What font is this? Please Help

10/06/2011 alle 16:01

Please Help! My computer crashed and I am re-downloading all my fonts but I can't for the life of me figure out what this one is :( I'm almost certain it came from this website but after HOURS of looking I haven't found it yet... Both fonts would help but I'm really only concerned aboout the yellow font (Iota)

What font is this? Please Help

Caratteri Identificati

Passions Conflict ROB  Suggeriti da rocamaco 
Most Wasted  Suggeriti da rocamaco 

10/06/2011 alle 16:06

Carattere Identificato: Passions Conflict ROB

Modificato su 10/06/2011 alle 16:44 da rocamaco

10/06/2011 alle 16:19

"SWEETHEART", condensed...
Carattere Identificato: Most Wasted

Modificato su 10/06/2011 alle 16:45 da rocamaco

10/06/2011 alle 16:25

Is there another font this name goes by..(Passions Conflict) thats the right font but I can't find it for free anywhere :(

Modificato su 10/06/2011 alle 16:26 da FontFrenzy3

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