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Secret Garden font?

27/10/2013 alle 08:47

Seems like New Century Schoolbook with organic, plant-like swashes added -- any ideas?

Secret Garden font?

Caratteri Identificati

Angelic War  Suggeriti da gmkhussain 
Clarendon Light  Suggeriti da SashiX 

27/10/2013 alle 09:00

G UPPER case not in this font file
Carattere Identificato: Angelic War

Modificato su 27/10/2013 alle 14:55 da SashiX

27/10/2013 alle 09:18

Certainly looks like it -- thank you. I'd guess they've taken the caps from another font (probably New Century Schoolbook).

27/10/2013 alle 14:54

that "S" is a lowercase "s" from Angelic War, just a tad bigger to make it look like uppercase.
That "G" is Clarendon.
Carattere Identificato: Clarendon Light

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