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JackFrags Banner Font

12/10/2013 alle 00:53

Well, i want to create some graphics for a company with this Font but im unable to find the Creator. (You can suggest the Font Buying Website URL so i can buy it)

JackFrags Banner Font

Modificato su 12/10/2013 alle 02:31 da Jak3z

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Rodondo  Suggeriti da skomii 

12/10/2013 alle 01:15

Nooo man, the font for "JACKFRAGS" is Rodondo on DaFont and it's free!!! It's modified here in this image but it's just like the author says: "Manipulate it, cut it up, re-kern it and write lots of naughty words with it. It's yours." So, go ahead!
Carattere Identificato: Rodondo

12/10/2013 alle 02:30


12/10/2013 alle 04:33

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