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Comic-Style font

25/09/2013 alle 21:42

Anyone know the name of this font? I assume it's a comic style font but I looked and couldn't find it.

Comic-Style font

Carattere Identificato

SF Comic Script  Suggeriti da skomii 

Carattere suggerito

Adventure  Suggeriti da JayTheBrainMann 

02/10/2013 alle 23:16

I'd love to know this too, since that's the most perfect Double Dare logo replication I've ever seen.

EDIT: I think it's this font, but the A looks different.
Carattere suggerito: Adventure

Modificato su 02/10/2013 alle 23:41 da JayTheBrainMann

03/10/2013 alle 04:04

Carattere Identificato: SF Comic Script

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