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"Container" and "minha vida" fonts

11/09/2013 alle 18:29

I want to know the font used in these words. Anyone know?

"Container" and "minha vida" fonts

Caratteri Identificati

Berlin Sans  Suggeriti da fmontpetit 
Remachine Script  Suggeriti da skomii 

11/09/2013 alle 18:30

Carattere Identificato: Berlin Sans

11/09/2013 alle 18:38

"minha vida"
Carattere Identificato: Remachine Script

11/09/2013 alle 18:39

Thanks a lot fmontpetit! Now I just need to find out what script font it's used in "minha vida" words.

11/09/2013 alle 18:40

Thanks skomii!

11/09/2013 alle 18:42

erikgetzel ha detto  
Thanks skomii!

De nada.

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