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How do I delete my account?

Utente cancellato 763068
18/09/2018 alle 09:56

Please delete my account as soon as possible. Cheers.

Utente cancellato 635537
21/09/2018 alle 14:02

Admin, please delete my account as well. Cheers!

21/09/2018 alle 21:28

Utente cancellato 786832
21/09/2018 alle 23:39

Pls delete my account too.

Utente cancellato 715954
01/10/2018 alle 23:03

Please, delete this account as well

Utente cancellato 1089239
02/10/2018 alle 17:19

Per favore cancella il mio account. Grazie.

05/10/2018 alle 05:29

Hello, I need to delete my old account in dafont because I can not access it since the mail provided at the time of creating it has been deleted and therefore I can not recover the password, now I want to change the mail and upload my sources both old as new please someone who can help me thank you

Utente cancellato 951848
14/10/2018 alle 06:13

Please, delete my account too. Thank you.

Utente cancellato 819892
03/11/2018 alle 05:48

Hi, please delete my account also. Thanks.

Utente cancellato 1058310
04/11/2018 alle 08:09

I want to delete my account

Utente cancellato 370529
04/11/2018 alle 10:41

Please delete my account
Thank you

Utente cancellato 854916
05/11/2018 alle 06:15

Please delete my account.

Thanking you

Utente cancellato 339173
05/11/2018 alle 14:05

Please delete my account as I do not use the site either. Thanks

Utente cancellato 1095948
10/11/2018 alle 00:04

Can you delete my account?

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Utente cancellato 398657
15/11/2018 alle 10:31

Please delete my account.

Utente cancellato 972301
25/11/2018 alle 20:09

Delete my account plz

Utente cancellato 1102166
28/11/2018 alle 12:20

Please delete my account.

Utente cancellato 764898
28/11/2018 alle 22:46

Please delete my account

Utente cancellato 610509
30/11/2018 alle 08:17

Please delete my account (since my email inquiry about this subject was not reacted to, I hope this is sufficient)

Utente cancellato 710104
03/12/2018 alle 23:13

Please delete my account.

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