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How do I delete my account?

Utente cancellato 874546
27/03/2019 alle 01:22

Please delete my account. Thank you

27/03/2019 alle 23:49

Hello, I'm sorry to inform you about this, but I would like to have my account deleted, too.
I hope my one (and only) font will be taken down this way, too, since I don't wish to be associated with it anymore.
Thank you for your time.

Modificato su 27/03/2019 alle 23:49 da MGF1998

Utente cancellato 1119364
01/04/2019 alle 22:48

Delete my account!
And finally add it to settings!!!

13/04/2019 alle 20:36

SashiX ha detto  
You should ask why you unable to upload fonts instead of deleting your account. Just my 2 cents

Yeah 2 cents isn't possible because pennies don't exist anymore

08/05/2019 alle 01:02

delete my account please

Utente cancellato 1125397
12/05/2019 alle 18:26

Delete my account. Please.

Utente cancellato 860504
13/05/2019 alle 03:17

Delete my account. Please.

Utente cancellato 760997
20/05/2019 alle 17:03

Delete My account, Thank you.

Utente cancellato 674808
22/05/2019 alle 09:09

Please delelete my account from this site with all data in your storage.

Utente cancellato 246651
26/05/2019 alle 20:12

Please delete this account. Thank you

Utente cancellato 972136
29/05/2019 alle 03:09

please delete my account, i do not need this anymore thanks

Utente cancellato 75415
10/06/2019 alle 20:05

Please delete my account. Thank you.

Utente cancellato 567540
13/06/2019 alle 15:27

Please, delete my account.

Utente cancellato 870494
27/06/2019 alle 21:31

Please delete my account, I don't use this site!

Utente cancellato 1156338
02/07/2019 alle 20:11

Please delete my account,i don’t use this site!

12/07/2019 alle 18:16

Why u delete?

Utente cancellato 741057
20/07/2019 alle 05:16

Please delete my account also.

Utente cancellato 1104598
04/08/2019 alle 17:01

Hello, please delete my account as well. Thank you in advance.

14/08/2019 alle 16:00

Please don't leave us!

Utente cancellato 988589
22/08/2019 alle 14:10

Please delete my account, thank you.

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