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Font ID Please

25/06/2013 alle 15:31

Font ID Please

Carattere suggerito

Helvetica Neue  Suggeriti da fmontpetit 

25/06/2013 alle 15:35

Carattere suggerito: Helvetica Neue

25/06/2013 alle 15:40

'Helvetica Neue' didn't exist in the times of that picture...

Modificato su 25/06/2013 alle 15:41 da rocamaco

25/06/2013 alle 15:56

I agree, but they don't make Helvetica Extended anymore!

25/06/2013 alle 15:58

The score could have been added later, no ? It could be a "replay".

Modificato su 25/06/2013 alle 15:58 da drf

25/06/2013 alle 16:03

I don't know, it's also small caps, maybe something part of that edition machine...

26/06/2013 alle 01:12

It was from a HBO Documentary: Fire & Ice.

26/06/2013 alle 01:36

It looks like it is Helvetica Neue:

26/06/2013 alle 04:22

Yeah it is, thanks mate.

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