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Designed by Apple... Font please.

15/06/2013 alle 07:57

I have a feeling this is from the Helvetica family just need reassurance.

Designed by Apple... Font please.

Carattere Identificato

Kozuka Gothic Pr6N  Suggeriti da koeiekat 

15/06/2013 alle 08:00

I think Myriad Pro or Lucida Grande.

Only these fonts possible.

15/06/2013 alle 08:28

Its Myriad thanks a lot.

15/06/2013 alle 10:17

Carattere Identificato: Kozuka Gothic Pr6N

15/06/2013 alle 15:18

Myriad to me...

15/06/2013 alle 18:49

I'd say they are almost identical ( ), only weights doesn't match, IMO. From that post I started to ID these as Myriad, it's better known.

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