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Something similar to Trajan...?

14/06/2013 alle 21:54

I posted this on another forum and never got a response. Perhaps you guys can help me.

Something similar to Trajan...?

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President  Suggeriti da fmontpetit 

15/06/2013 alle 00:33

I saw this on yesterday - and kept staring at it - the "R" reminded me of Quorum - but it wasn't... I remembered a Titling font that started with a W - but no match...

Closest I could see would be something like Penumbra Serif - it's close - but it is not exact.

15/06/2013 alle 00:43

Thanks for your reply Heron2001.

President by linotype seems to be pretty close - but also not exact. Oddly,'s font ident feature wasn't able to find it.

15/06/2013 alle 00:48

I do also have a "B" and a "Y" if that would help.

15/06/2013 alle 01:52

URW's President 85% compressed is a perfect match...
Carattere Identificato: President

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15/06/2013 alle 11:00

What do you mean by compressed? If you look at the serifs on the "M", they are slightly upwards pointing.

15/06/2013 alle 13:54

I mean the lenght has been manually decreased to 85% of the original. The serifs are already pointing upwards. Squeezing the letters accentuate the effect.

Here's what it looked like when i tried it :

15/06/2013 alle 14:06

nice find fmontpetit -

15/06/2013 alle 14:07

15/06/2013 alle 15:22

Thanks fmontpetit, that's great! Do you know how to reduce the length by a percentage in Illustrator?

15/06/2013 alle 15:39

Sure. Just go in your type panel (command+T) and make sure the options are shown (there's a small menu on the top right corner or you can double click the word 'Character' you should see this:

Alternatively, you could just type your words and then use Object > transform > scale...

15/06/2013 alle 16:10

Thanks, I created the outline first and then transformed it.
By the way, do you happen to have a copy of the font?

15/06/2013 alle 18:42

16/06/2013 alle 01:10


16/06/2013 alle 14:20

Haha, OK guys, I knew it was a long shot. Don't worry, I'll actually buy the font.

16/06/2013 alle 14:21

Thanks for all your help!!

16/06/2013 alle 14:42

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