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Wondering if anyone knows of fonts similar to "Rage and "Adore"?

13/05/2013 alle 19:49

Just wondering if anyone can suggest a font similar to "Rage" and another similar to "Adore"? Thanks!

13/05/2013 alle 19:50

How much can you pay for them?...

13/05/2013 alle 21:39

I guess if it was under what the MyFonts price is otherwise I would just buy them there...I don't absolutely have to have either of those fonts just something similar would be fine. I'm curious as I am new to the font world, I have seen coupons for MyFont...are those legit or do you know? Also what is a recommended donation for a font that is by donation? Thanks

13/05/2013 alle 22:05

The amount of the donation depends on the scale of the commercial use.

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