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What's this font?? :)

05/05/2013 alle 13:32

Can anyone identify this font?

What's this font?? :)

Carattere Identificato

Edo SZ  Suggeriti da rocamaco 

05/05/2013 alle 16:22

Carattere Identificato: Edo SZ

05/05/2013 alle 17:54

Thanks rocamaco..But i am finding the orange font actually!

Modificato su 05/05/2013 alle 17:59 da Yasin.618

05/05/2013 alle 17:56

Where exactly says you were searching the orange font?...

05/05/2013 alle 18:00

Hmmm...I am sorry i didn't mention can u pls find it for me?

05/05/2013 alle 18:14

No problem...

However, I think it could be a custom font, but I cannot tell you for sure...

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