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What font

30/04/2013 alle 13:04

Goo day,
After searching the WWW for days I would like to ask for your help.
Can you please let me know what font this is?
Thanks in advance.

What font

Carattere Identificato

Uncle Bob MF  Suggeriti da skomii 

30/04/2013 alle 14:55

Carattere Identificato: Uncle Bob MF

30/04/2013 alle 19:43

WOW Skomii, you're the best.
Thank you

30/04/2013 alle 19:44

link to that image?

30/04/2013 alle 19:49

That was my image. I created it on a site to create a card. But I could not find the font there :-(
If you like I can try to find the site again. We just really liked the font.

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