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XCalibra88  13/02/2017
Im currently making a card game, and i would like to use this font. I will eventually get around to selling the printed out copy of my cards, but i just want to confirm if could use it?
typodermic  autore di Xirod   16/02/2017
It's no problem and thanks!
Adir06  14/09/2017
Can I use the font for my personal website?
Adir06  14/09/2017
Adir06  14/09/2017
(this projects will be free to download)
typodermic  autore di Xirod   20/09/2017
Personal (or commercial) website: yes unless you're embedding the font in which case you'll need a web license and fonts in an web format. You video projects it's fine. If you're distributing the fonts with a template, contact me and I'll explain. http://typodermicfonts.com/
Adir06  24/09/2017
I read the licenses, thank you.
If I post a download file for my video editing, is this allowed?
Adir06  26/09/2017
This means they can use the font in the file.
typodermic  autore di Xirod   27/09/2017
As long as you don't include the actual font with the file.

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