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Chloe5972  31/08/2011
Gorgeous !!
SpideRaY  autore di Wizards Magic   07/10/2011
This font has been recently been given a special non-profit license for use with the Christ Fellowship @ http://www.christfellowshiphome.com
Aspetta  12/12/2012
Could I use this font in a youtube video? I'm making a holiday video for a forum group. Video will be unlisted & have no ads. Credits at the end will include links to all clipart, fonts, etc. The Read Me file says not to use in "public media", but I'm not sure if my video counts as such or not.
SpideRaY  autore di Wizards Magic   20/07/2013
You can now buy a fully embeddable kerned version of this font on Etsy @ https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/157246518/wizards-magic-commercial-font
pandora6666  14/02/2014
love it, but not 52$ worth to use once... guess I will look elsewhere
paulb  06/02/2015
Agree, really expensive for what it is. He tried to push me to $128, then just took $52 from my account when I said I didn't want to pay $128. Total cowboy.
diveking  16/09/2016
dafont.com says that Wizards Magic is Free for personal use. Is this true? What are the license rules these days?
SpideRaY  autore di Wizards Magic   03/10/2016
Yes Wizard's Magic is FREE for personal use, however if you require a commercial license please make a purchase on my Etsy Store @ https://www.etsy.com/listing/157246518/wizards-magic-commercial-font
SpideRaY  autore di Wizards Magic   05/05/2017
DKVpro  12/12/2018
I'm going to use this font for personal use on a game, and when I do make my game popular I will credit you with some money.
DKVpro  12/12/2018
that is buying the font
Damien04  05/04/2021
A YouTube video isn't a commercial use right? Because honestly 23$ for a font that I wanna use for one short scene in a video seems just to much. I would love to use it, but if its really considered commercial use I will look for another font. Just let me know

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