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Calyba11  11/04/2010
rf_design  23/06/2010
this font is stolen!!!!!!! i designed this font last year for my band and i did the font by myself with a lot of work in adobe illustrator! i will contact my lawer next time!
TracerTong  autore di Unrealised   25/06/2010
Dont accuse if your not going go even post a sample of your font. makes you look like an idiot
mustafanesil  02/05/2011
TheColourAwesome  18/09/2011
Can I use it on a business card for meh Dad?
coverboy  25/01/2012
Hi, I really like your font. I want to ask your permission to use it for my t-shirt design. I'm trying to make a design for t-shirts to be sold at Please e-mail me at and let me know thank you.
TracerTong  autore di Unrealised   25/01/2012
The archive has all the details you need for using commercially

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