UK Number Plate

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penguinchick  23/01/2012
Hi Gareth
Penguin Group Australia would like to use your UK NUmber Plate font on the cover of one of our children's books. Could you please email me on so that we can discuss further?
Thanks, Michelle
sm_honda  10/08/2012
Please can you confirm what usage restrictions apply to this font. We would like to use the font on our commercial site, but I can find no mention of any license restrictions
penguinchick  05/10/2012
Hi Gareth
we are wondering if we could use your font on the cover of a book called Song in the Dark. And i'm not sure we made contact from my previous email of 23/1/2012? It would be great to hear back from you on Thanks Gareth.
healstar62  13/11/2012
Hi Gareth
I would like to use your font in an input field on a new website i'm working on. We wanted to use @font-face to pull the font in. Is that okay? Please email me to discuss further on
Thanks, Dave
heydanreeves  03/02/2013
Hey, Gareth. I would like to know if I am allowed to use this font on a website. You can email me at
centennial  23/07/2013
Great font! Would love to us it an a logo for our small business. Please contact me at Thanks.
bryanbis  02/10/2013
Great Font Gareth! My team and I would like to use your font for a project we have, there is a possibility that it might end up being for commercial use (depending on whether they like our pitch or not) but can you please confirm the restrictions on this font? My email is Thank you.
bryanbis  04/10/2013
Did anyone get an answer from Gareth regarding the restrictions on the font?
pixelbeach  24/11/2014
We would like to use your font for a commercial web project, can you let me know if there are any license restrictions.
kookbook  25/04/2015
Would like to use for personal business card. If there are any questions/forms please email

Thank you.
martinerskine  10/06/2015
Hi Gareth, Can I use it on my website?

Many Thanks
pbc_peter  24/10/2015
Hi Gareth,

I'd also like to use your font (via @font-face) on a small website for my client (a second hand car dealer).

Would this be possible, please?

Many thanks,

reiahart  12/01/2016
I did a bit of research.

This font is: Personal use only, no commercial use.
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial

Source -
Guysta1990  02/04/2017
Hi Gareth,

Please advise where I can buy the license to this font.

I'd like to use it for a piece of artwork.

Gareth79  autore di UK Number Plate   25/05/2017
Hiya, I am the author of this font, I have only recently realised it has had far far more extensive use over the years than I ever imagined.

I originally created the font in 2002 because there was only one other font available (and it was £40 or something). It was traced from the prescribed font on the UK Statutory Instrument, so it's likely a derivative work of the original Crown Copyright. This was prior to the OGL that allows reuse of Crown Copyright material so I'm unsure as to it's current status, and it's something I'll try and clarify soon.

That said, versions of this typeface appear to have used EXTENSIVELY online by many large companies, and indeed the DVLA themselves on the Vehicle Information Service. (This is obvious from examining my original tracing flaws in the glyphs).

I recall I only uploaded it to some font newsgroups at the time, it has popped up on various websites like this with incorrect or missing copyright information.

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