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Gyom Séguin  11/02/2009
simply perfect.
kirksucks  12/02/2009
nice! when i created my font "CAPTAIN" i thought it looked like an old road sign. you nailed it.
LeTypoman  19/06/2009
Engravers Gothic
Sackers Gothic
Blair ITC
and now Turnpike...

all that stuff are allmost the same things for me...

The good aspect of this one is that it's free ^^
il manque l'accent sur le "È" dommage
joshuamonahan  24/03/2014
Hi, I wish to use this for commercial use. Please get in touch.
Hello, it is beautiful. i want to use it for commercial use. Can you tell me the price ? thank you and Bravo, Bérengère de Buchy

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