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Traveling Typewriter

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T N 2  04/10/2009
Merci beaucoup pour cette typo assez classique mais avec un petit coté fun et singulier ! très simpa :)
tis marshas fave! lovin dafonts forevs
Utente cancellato 325650  26/04/2010
Unfortunately, this isn't a monospace font so not suitable for some applications. A pity - it's a nice looking font.
LeDandy  15/05/2010
I love it! A beautiful typeface and practical for many purposes. Thank you.
kymully  26/09/2011
Hi there. I used this font in the title image of my website.

Thank you.
shaunathephotog  11/04/2012
I would like to use this font on my professional website. Please contact me if there's anything specific I need to do... Thank you!
marlucero  12/06/2012
I'm creating my website. I'm a photographer trying to start my business soon.
May I use this font for my name on my site?
Please let me know at
Thank you!
1220jeffro  27/07/2012
I used this in my manga im trying to get published.
isa0304  14/09/2012
Never really used it until I needed a cool typewriter font for a story on Word. I chose this one, and it looks great! Love it! :)
asiana  03/10/2012
Wow, it makes everything suddenly so much more artistic! Love this, thank you very much! Would you like to see how I used it? It's just on a flyer for my best friend's jewelry sale but I can email it to you :)
iheartvw  13/10/2012
Hello! I would like to use this font on my friends blog. Please contact me if there is anything I need to do to go about this
anotheramywhite  27/10/2012
I love this font! May I use it for a small commercial purpose? thank you
TK421  29/10/2012
Answer to kaapiovuohi 04-26-2010 (Above)

"Unfortunately, this isn't a monospace font so not suitable for some applications. A pity - it's a nice looking font."

A typewriter machine WAS mono spaced - and this font mimics the real monospacing - you'll just have to kern things manually.

This is a great font. I'm wanting to use it for my music website and the front cover of my album. Would this be ok? Please contact me if there is anything that I need to do thank you :-)
caitlin.heartfield  23/01/2013
Hello - I'd like to use this font as part of a logo I am designing for a friend's photography business - please let me know what I need to do - - Cheers.
ajreed  25/01/2013
Hi--I'd like to use this font as part of a logo I'm designing for my website. Please let me know if there's anything I need to do. Thanks! abbyjreed@gmail
JChelak  03/03/2013
Hi, I'd like to use this font as part of my label. What do I need to do for that? Thanks.
hotwire  12/03/2013
hi I want to use your font for a logo.
contact me at

tobiastnystrom  13/04/2013
I would like to use this font in a logo im doing for a friends website, please contact me with what i would have to do :)
MajorUndead  21/06/2013
Can I use for my FaceBook page?
slabmedia  05/08/2013
I would like to use this font in a website design. Do you have licensing available?
R0ldfield  19/08/2013
What the licensing over commercial use??
knosal  22/09/2013
My brother is starting a food truck business and I am building his website. Is it possible to use this for his site? Thanks.
genell  06/12/2013
Hi Sir,
I love your font and would love to use it for my business logo. I would like to seek your permission and procedures. Thank you very much. Please correspond to:
tlbrazee  31/12/2013
Nice font! I would like to use this for a company logo - do I need to do anything specific? Thanks,
carlkrull  autore di Traveling Typewriter   14/01/2014
Hi there!!
Sorry but I don't really check the comments very often! So if you have questions about using the font, the please mail me at
Best regards... Carl
AmericanGina  17/04/2014
I had to take the time to register simply to comment on your brilliant work. I have been looking for a font like this for years. It reminds me of snoopy's typewriter from charlie brown. thank you so much for sharing.
TGRIEE  07/10/2015
mas, saya mau download tapi, bagaimana ya caranya
borka-borkason  25/01/2017

would like to use this amazing font for an online sports blog.
Is there anything to do to get a special license?

Wishing for an answer :)
Besssmith  09/03/2017
Beautiful work. I'm in the process of designing some shirts that I plan to sell. I'd like to use this font. Is there a cost involved or do I just donate?
My email is
I am designing t-shirts to sell online and would love to use o I need to this font. Is that possible, and if so what do?
How do I get in touch with the author and if I need to do through the donate option how much would that be? Thanks so much!
My Email is
swaggermilf1996  24/09/2017
Would like to use this for commercial use on a t-shirt. What are the details on the use of the font? Thank you.
Tlemons86  05/02/2018
I am interested in an extended/ commercial license for this font please privately message me on here.
Thank you!
natej  24/08/2018
Hello Carl, can I use this in a book? How do I give you credit?
jasondlockwood  09/12/2018
Hello Carl,

I would like to use this font in a book I'm publishing. Is there any process I need to follow other than to send you a donation?

Thanks so much.
pui6688  07/02/2019
Hi, i would like to use this font on my restaurant logo and i need pay any license fee and how much?
jamiekraus  18/09/2019
Hi, I love your font. I would like to use it for my website and branding. how much for a licence/fee? Thanks:)
Imart11  10/10/2019
Would like to purchase? How does this happen?
donna_mccarroll  09/11/2019
Love this font!How can I purchase this please?

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