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KZKonradZ  21/04/2011
The B,D,V,L,X,J,G,U don't look the same as in the film :(
KZKonradZ  21/04/2011 The ending titles in tron :D to prove it!
Parallax  17/01/2013
You also might want to take a look at Tron Uprising for more canon on the font.
vanquisher  17/03/2014
i dont know why but when i download this font the winrar says it s broken so i cannt extract it. Any solution to this problem?
abra100pro  13/06/2016
Funny, that people seem to only comment for some complains...

I want to thank you for this great work and I really like it! Superb!
I designed a birthday card for my son and it looks just awesome with his name on the movieposter :-)
jimmix93  04/02/2019
I saw on a few other websites that the font is free for commercial use, can someone confirm this?
DaMovieMan  autore di TR2N   17/06/2021
An updated version of the font is available for purchase. Contact me for more information.

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