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mmeservy  06/06/2013
Is this available for commercial use? If so, what do I need to do?
Utente cancellato 715733  18/08/2013
May I ask how much the license for this font costs?
ficod  autore di Telegrafico   24/09/2013
Telegrafico is free for personal use.

To use it in a commercial project you can send a donation to my paypal account.

There is a button on font page (something like "donate to author") or alternative you can use my paypal address:

s . nicolosi @ gmail . com
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Kateblank  29/04/2014

So there is no set price to use it for commercial purposes?


ficod  autore di Telegrafico   28/07/2014
No Kate, not set price. You can make a donation and you are completely free to decide the amount. You can use my paypal address for that:
s . nicolosi @ gmail . com
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letterpunk  25/08/2014
I wish this set included numerical characters, and some of the more useful symbols - (I/E: # @ $ %, etc)

- J.
Esh-El  29/12/2014
You probably already know this, but this font was used in the new movie Annie. It was used as the "Stacks" mobile logo, albeit with some slight modifications. I saw it on the big screen and said to myself, "Hey I recognize that font." Hopefully, you got compensated. Great font by the way.
vixxd  22/08/2015
Hi there, we used this for four letters of our logo and have made a donation :)  23/07/2018
Thank you for this font! I love it. I made a donation.
GraphicIdentity  09/11/2019
love the geometric look!
would like to see any updates, especially on the kerning part.

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