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rianchochochiko  21/03/2018
awesome font of yours..thank you
Moderat  03/04/2018
wah desainer indonesia,
Moderat  03/04/2018
Top mase, top markotop
GoodG  03/04/2018
Can this font be used for commercial use? imade.aria.atmaja@gmail.com
mabro  autore di Tahu!   05/04/2018
@GoodG: Of course, you can used this font for you bussiness

@Moderat: tangkayu mase :D

@rianchochochiko: thanks bro
Dallasljp  08/05/2018
Hi, can this font be used for a brand?
mabro  autore di Tahu!   09/05/2018
@Dallasljp: Yes, of course you can
hadi r  13/05/2018
is this free for any purpose bro?
mabro  autore di Tahu!   18/05/2018
@hadi r: yes bro
janewolta  24/05/2018
wuahh.. keren mas bro. top markotop
Basunanda  22/06/2018
keren mas
Kim91  09/08/2018
Hi there! This is an awesome font. We would love to use this for our travel blog/business. Just checking if this is ok with you first and that there are no associated licensing needed.

Please let us know as soon as possible. Thanks you!
BetzGF  20/08/2018
Hola, me encanta esta fuente, me gustarÝa saber si puedo usarla para el dise˝o de un logo?
mzaini30  08/10/2019
Assalamualaikum. Good morning. I have permission to use the font that you created for my APK: Typography (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mzaini30.tipografi). If you don't want me to use your font on my APK, please send an email to muhzaini30@gmail.com. Then, I will delete the font from my APK.

kimjihyun  24/02/2020
I really like your font.
I'd like to use it in my logo. Are you okay?
Please contact us at nicedd13@gmail.com
I'd like to hear your opinion.
mabro  autore di Tahu!   02/03/2020
@Kimjihyun, Yes, you can use this font for you logo, this free :)
Rere123456  20/06/2020
parkyunkyun  14/07/2020
i'd like to use this font for package design
Thank you for your nice font))
if there is a problem,contact me: 91pyk35@gmail.com
danik_ilalang  16/07/2020
Suka bangeeeet.. makasih fontnya ya...
gianxx19  27/07/2020
Halo, Font nya keren.
Izin menggunakan font nya untuk commercial use, makasih.
wteff  29/07/2020
Font-nya keren kak. Bisa buat commercial purpose kah?
spabdilah  11/08/2020
Terimakashih mas, keren abis fontnya
marialinga  17/08/2020

Your font is fantastic. I just wanted to double check if the 'Tahu' font can be used for commercial purposes. It will be used on my logo.

Please send me an email to marianamcneill@outlook.com to confirm this.

Kind regards,

Mariana McNeill
GCF  11/09/2020
Thanks! This font will be perfect for my educational projects.
I am going to use it for some activity free printable sheets for kids.
mabro  autore di Tahu!   16/09/2020
All: yes, you can use this font for commercial use. Thank you all
@eurydyce  16/11/2020
Thankyou for letting us use this for free! It's a big help! God bless you and more power!
Hildpild  26/11/2020
Hei, denne fonten er nydelig! Kan jeg altsň bruke den i en liten julekampanje til kommersielt bruk?Vennlig hilsen hildpild
Gresssss  30/11/2020
Thankyou for your font! <3
Lov3rsky  09/01/2021
Font kakak bagus,boleh aku gunain untuk cover novel atau komersial penerbit? Jika ada masalah bisa email aku di shinjemi2127@gmail.com
Vita123  18/01/2021
Hello kak. Boleh aku gunain untuk komersial penerbit? Jika ada masalah bisa email aku di lalalalah2102@gmail.com
Kloop  18/07/2021
Hi, I would like to use your beautiful font for a sticker (commercial use). Is it possible? Please send me an email: yossikurniawan209@gmail.com
Amang utuh  07/12/2021
Wah fontnya sangat bagus, bolehkah saya gunakan buat watermak pada foto-foto saya ?
srounsroun  16/03/2022

Your font cannot be load for web, the font-family name is forbidden because of the ! in your font name.

Great font by the way
poppymonni  25/05/2022
Can this font be used for commercial use? Please send me an email:monialon2@gmail.com
Tperkins  03/08/2022
Hello, this is an amazing font. Could I use it for commercial use?

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