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panoui  18/03/2009
those are the perfect letters for tattoo
Forbidden  25/08/2009
Hey, This font is perfect for our free running groups logo, and we would like to use your work on our t-shirts.
I am asking your full permission as I see you have it licensed as "shareware". If you are not happy with this then simply say so and we will respect your decision, but if you are happy then we would be delighted to use this font in our design. Please write back.
andrew_Leong  14/06/2011
Hi I would like to use this font for a log. Therefore, I am also asking for your full permission.
Mike Allard  autore di Sumdumgoi   03/03/2012
If you want to reach me, write me at
EpicToneDogg  15/02/2014
Hi Mike,

I've just sent you an email but thought I'd catch your attention on here too. Will you accept Paypal rather than cheque?

Kindest Regards

Mike Allard  autore di Sumdumgoi   10/05/2015

Youíve found one of DeNada Industriesí many typefaces.

I hope you like them!

This is shareware. Iím asking for a measly $10 for each computer you put the font on and ONLY if you use it. If you donít use it, donít send me anything! Sound simple? If you're going to use the font commercially (or you plan to put it on more than five computers), e-mail me and we can discuss bulk discounting.

If you wanna include this in some collection, or on your website, thatís cool. Please let me know. If you can give me a copy of the CD thatíd be even better. You MUST include this readme file though. Itís important. Otherwise youíre nothing but a dang pirate and pirates can go hang!

Send the shareware fee to me here:
Mike Allard
2006 NW 53rd Ave, #F12
Gainesville, FL 32653

Cash is fine, just wrap it in a piece of paper and let me be surprised when I open the envelope. I love surprises.

I also accept PayPal payments.

My many typefaces include:
Juliet (See also Romeo)
Romeo (see also Juliet)

If you are looking for some of the files listed above, just Google them. In addition to, I can recommend TypeOasis. ( Itís very well organized and they, too, have my full endorsement.

NOTE: If a font arrives in your hands without everything intact, tough beans. I donít do support.

If you wanna write and ask me questions, my e-mail address is Donít be surprised if it takes me a little while to get back to youÖ e-mail may be faster than light, but Iím notÖ If you wanna write me and tell me that you just LOVE my typeface (or whatever) donít. Just send me the shareware fee, then Iíll know you treasure it. Heck, if those nuns from Luxembourg can do it, so can you. You donít have to send me a photo of your convent, though. On the other hand, it did make me smile and thatís never a bad thing.

After all that, please send that $10 to:
Mike Allard
2006 NW 53rd Ave, #F12
Gainesville, FL 32653

The Staff (Mike)

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