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CmdrKerner  14/12/2008
Hi Steve,

very nice font. It looks like a mixture of Klingon and Romulan.

Well done my friend.


puppets  autore di Space Encounter   15/12/2008
Hi Dietrich,
Live Long and Prosper
lolazer  29/01/2011
Hey Steve!
My friends and I have a game we made up called Empyre/Empire Wars (we haven't decided on the title yet.) It has seven main playable factions, mine of which is the PDE.
If this game ever turns into a video game (right now we just use random board game pieces) I would like to use this font for my faction, as I am not very good at drawing.

It's not very likely it will (although I can always dream), but If it does I would like to contact you about purchasing rights to use the font, but not fully commercializing it so that it can't be distributed freely. I hate it when authors sell out as much as you probably do.

Reply if you'd like to talk about it.
puppets  autore di Space Encounter   27/02/2011
The type is property of The Walt Disney Company, so you may want to re-consider using it for commercial use.

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