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Shit Happens

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pandamen  02/11/2011
nice font
Jojuae  26/04/2012
I find myself uising this font more often than others. Simply because it's just so damn elegant!
NikkiGirl8  21/08/2012
Thank you ;-)
LBalazi  17/10/2012
I cant figure out how to download and open!! Please help I really want to use this font on my wedding invitations and wedding programs!

ms.n.dee  17/04/2013
I also can't figure out how to use it once downloaded. if I anyone can help that'd be great
viv6677  27/06/2013
After I have downloaded, I could not open the file. There was an error message ' Cannot open file. It does not appear to be a valid archive'. I need this urgently.....can someone help?
TLeighBand  04/09/2013
I really like this font and want to use it on my church newsletter but I kind of feel like I can't because of the name. Anything out there that looks something like it without cursing. :)
Cheyenne71  03/11/2013
TLeighBand: Try Precious, Simplesnails, Magnolia, Maratre, Chopin Script, Exmouth, Champignon, Aerolite CP, or Adine Kirnberg Script. There are a bunch available on here :)

A beautiful and elegant font that is easy to read. Thank you for sharing!
lilmin513  21/07/2014
The font itself is gorgeous, but this is not free for personal use. The creator, Billy Argel, will not let you have the files with embedded use without paying $35.00.

So, if you want to use this font to say, make your wedding invitations, you are unable to do so without first turning the font into an outline. This is a really inconvenient step in the design process, especially if multiple people at different locations are working on the .indd files.

If you're using this for personal use and actually need to export your work into a PDF, do not waste your time. There are other FREE script fonts out there that are just as lovely and do not actually come with a price tag.

As a side note, I did contact Mr. Argel and he was very rude about my questioning this. His only reply was that I had to pay him. I explained that it was for personal use but that meant nothing to him.

All I ask is that you do not say this is free to use when you ultimately have to pay to use it. Simply put the information about embedding in your license agreement to save others the headache that you've caused me.

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