Ribbons and banners

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luybnue313  05/01/2016
Hello. I love your font. Is this font free to use as a commercial use?
CMunk  autore di Ribbons and banners   02/03/2016
Hello Luybnue313. Thank you! Commercial use is not allowed by the license that I have released this under, but you can have my permission. In return I'd just like to see what you do with it. Not that I want to judge your work, but I'd like to see how my font gets used. You can just leave a link in a comment here or PM me.
camillyvianna14  10/03/2016
Hi, I really love your font and I want to now if this font is free to use as commercial use. Can I send you an e-mail? Thanks!
camillyvianna14  10/03/2016
CMunk  autore di Ribbons and banners   22/03/2016
Hi Camillyvianna14. You may use my font for commercial use, but again, I'd like to see what you make of it :) If you want, you can send me an e-mail.
fstrimble  17/04/2017
Love this font! Do I have your permission to use it for a fundraiser advertisement for our church's youth ministry?
Princess Anita  05/09/2017
Hi, How Do I continue the line? I added the [ ] but the lines are not connecting. What do I need to add? Thank you very much.
myname5749  15/03/2018
Princess anita press _ underscore

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