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Reklame Script

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swiftdrifters  19/06/2010
How can I purchase this font but then it wont even work for my pc if u had both OTF & TTF it would actually work out
chef79  autore di Reklame Script   19/06/2010
OTF works for both: Mac and Pc
harmswor2  27/06/2010
My program will only work with TrueType fonts (verified by developer). Is this font available in TrueType for purchase?
chef79  autore di Reklame Script   28/06/2010
yes, you can buy the font here (as OpenType). Send me your Order Number (hannes[at] and I will send you the TTFs for free.
chef79  autore di Reklame Script   30/06/2010
Buy the full version of Reklame Script:
dsan2c2000  30/08/2011
Awesome font!
ejscanlan  22/09/2013
Can I use this font as a logo for a new upcoming star?
melisl  18/06/2016
Could you add an ▀ to the font? I'd really like to buy it but require the ▀.
chef79  autore di Reklame Script   26/09/2016
Hi Melisl,

the full version has an ▀: Full version of Reklame Script:

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