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ryans12  01/08/2012
Love the font :) Could you add the british pound sign in the next update?
alvarothomaz  autore di Regencie   02/08/2012
tiimii  14/01/2013
i fell in love with this font! could you add double accent to the letter o and u? like ó and ú but with double accent.
like on this pic:
this two are the 2 caracters missing from my alphabet (hungarian).
thank you so much!
heinzlb  15/01/2013
A really awesome font :)
Can you please add the "ß"
A somehow important letter for German ;)
Thank you so much!
biancaserrina  17/12/2013

Is there a bold state? Need it rather urgently?
koeiekat  02/06/2015
Ever thought of the Gotham Light?

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