Punk's not dead

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aatkco  11/08/2008
It's Very Great Man , Really Fantastic
evocate  19/08/2008
Good font. Awesome documentary
puffped  19/08/2008
annaOMline  19/08/2008
great punk style font. Thanks for sharing
camila101  21/08/2008
very sloppy punk a great font especially for books and such - cool idea looks sick!
wisdom  31/08/2008
char! i can't download! ;(
SoFonty  03/09/2008
fucking ugly
clemencehoff  08/04/2009
ptin c'est en anglais..VIVE LA FANCE >.< bref j'aime et meme j'adore cette ecriture
sjafri  18/12/2009
need to contact the author. anyone have his/her/their contact info?
vboard  14/11/2010
So I wonder where is the author of this font. I've searched the net but in vain. Somebody -could help me with this?
gledstiane  04/06/2012
Hi! How do I get the copyright from this font? I play it on shirts.
Croaster  22/11/2013
How do I get the copyright from this font??
Croaster  22/11/2013
Or it is free.
Croaster  22/11/2013
Oiboi  autore di Punk's not dead   24/08/2014
it's free

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