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x3hollisterxox  24/01/2008
cute font. odd name...it kinda reminds me of, well, nvm. -kay
FontDeluxe  28/01/2008
I think this looks like the JUNO title.
murgatroid  30/01/2008
this is definitely my new favouritest font =D Love it
sillyworld  31/01/2008
is it illegal to use these fonts for layouts?
if we give proper credit and all would it be okay?

also, i really like this font.
papeje  31/01/2008
thanks :)
db_  01/02/2008
any way there can be a filled in one, instead of hollow?
sarauhh90  01/02/2008
i agree.
it does look like JUNO:]
i like it.
erilyn_rose  06/02/2008
i love this!!!
it IS the juno title!
pointy design  autore di Pointy   06/02/2008
I'd like to settle this.
It's not the Juno title! I made this way before that movie came out but only recently uploaded it... And the Juno font its much taller and filled in black, it does have a similar feel though. Anyway, I'm very glad you like!
iamabigloser5  09/02/2008
VickkyIsHigh  03/03/2008
hohumm~~not much pointy but still looks really kool
maci566  31/03/2008
cuteeeee (: i wanttt itt .
xxnoxhopexinsidexx  12/04/2008
I like it:D
ckylikebam  27/04/2008
i really love this font:D
rosie08xoxo  29/04/2008
I love it!
minxo  03/05/2008
Linda letrA !
Insurance Leads  09/05/2008
Really COOL font for logo for my blog! Thanks!
setheyne  07/06/2008
The name's faily interesting, and the font is excellent quality.
rushie25  26/06/2008
this look nothing like juno,notice the detail in this,juno is solid
SoFonty  03/09/2008
def. nice i most admit this is love very nice detailing the name is sophisticated i thi
Joelena  16/09/2008
I loved this font so much I added it to the header of my very first blog. Thanks so much <3


mcp9825230  03/11/2008
Thank you very very much,it terrific.
WLD  08/12/2008
Maybe not Juno but Geoff McFetridge!
illced  21/12/2008
I can see myself using this often.
s_power  24/12/2008
is soo the juno title huh!
s_power  24/12/2008
y did u name it "pointy" ?

oh wait that's not the juno title
gazza115  31/01/2009
Hi, lovely font. Can I use it in a commercial way. If so would you agree to a one off donation. Please email me at g799wood@btinternet.com
xedwardcullenx18  19/04/2009
LOVE the font. How do you make them!?!?

*downloading it*
xedwardcullenx18  19/04/2009
How did you make this

miaa  20/04/2009
nice feeling about it, but really needs some serious work on kerning
lucianamorin  23/04/2009
I'm in love with this font style. Really nice
pointy design  autore di Pointy   21/05/2009
This font is very carefully kerned, any subtle spacing differences between glyphs are intentional and part of the fonts style.
AntibotFonts  02/07/2010
This font looks like Take out the Garbage. I still like it though!
Fanny77  10/02/2012
I would like to use the font commercially. Can you please email me at f_clouzeau@hotmail.com
vizz17  05/06/2012
Hi there, I am looking to get permission to use 'Pointy' for commercial use. How can I go about this?

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