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Chloe5972  15/03/2018
So cute !!
alde  autore di Pink Script   16/03/2018
Hi, @Chloe5972.. thank you
miabug20  28/03/2018
Hi! I would like to use this for my new brand of tshirts that focuses on the celebration and empowerment of women!! How can I buy this font and gain rights to use it? Thank you!
alde  autore di Pink Script   29/03/2018
hi, @miabug20

you can check out my store

thankyou :)
jcote1030  06/05/2018
I make covers for interactive stories (for free) and I was wondering if I could use this font to do so. Would it be considered commercial use? (I do not gain any money from this and I don’t do this as a job\bussiness) This font looks amazing!
alde  autore di Pink Script   11/05/2018
Hi, @jcote1030
Personal projects and Non-profit projects it's OK.
*Personal projects means your own wedding invitations, non-commercial blog graphics or anything else where your not making money with it.
KeshiaNashay  21/08/2018
does commercial use mean i can use this font as my logo?
alde  autore di Pink Script   23/08/2018
Dear KeshiaNashay

Hi, of course you can use this font (comercial use) for your own logo / brand :)

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