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rocamaco  25/12/2011
La fuente es muy original y muy curiosa, enhorabuena... :)

Pero la manera de obtenerla es una tomadura de pelo como hacía tiempo que no veía... ;)

Además, la pregunta es: ¿Cuáles son fun1(t) y fun2(t)?... ;)
model850  autore di Oscilloscope   25/12/2011

...I apologize for not answering you on Spanish (if I recognized language correctly). I'm assuming you were wondering what are " fun(1), fun(2) ". Those are supposed to be some kind of synchronized discrete functions (both are conneced to the clock (CK) connection). " fun(1)" modifies amplitude of the sine wave, and fun(2) "shifts " the sine function " up and down ". This is all just the concept idea, so it may not work so perfectly in reality...:P

...I hope this helped you...^^
rocamaco  27/12/2011
No problem with the language (yes, it's spanish), it was my fault, I had to have written in English knowing you were from Zagreb...

About your explanation, it was a theoric concept as I thought, not a real one... ;) Nevermind, as I said: original and funny anyway... :)

By the way, my favorite is "Depleted Uranium" (has nothing to envy to the popular "Coalition" or some popular fonts from Aenigma in the same style)... ;)
model850  autore di Oscilloscope   27/12/2011

...It's oo problem, as long as we understand each other...(:

...As with all theory, you don't know if it works until you actually try it...;P

...I always try to do something new. Even if in the end im may end up us a big fail. This may be original, but it's a bit hard to read when it's small. :/ Never the less, if someone can find some use in it, it's free to do so...^^

...Actually " Depleted Uranium " was " my " idea. As it now seems, someone had similar idea too. ^^ It definitely is't the first time this happened to me, as I had couple of ideas before, but eventually ended up discarding them because I've noticed in time there already were fonts in simmilar fasion...xD

P.S. ..thanks for the commnets...(:
ouaouaron  16/12/2019
Hi! Salu⊥é!Namas⊥é.
Je vous Félici⊥e pour l'angle dans lequel vous avez por⊥é vos ⊥ravaux sur l'oscillage de la li⊥⊥éra⊥ure. J'ai moi-même réalisé jus⊥e pour la même op⊥ique, qu'un oscilloscope ne ⊥race jamais de cercles ni de croix, vu que la ligne sonore ne peu⊥ revenir en arrière à un même poin⊥ sonore au même ins⊥an⊥. Ma police comp⊥e 188 langages in⊥erna⊥ionaux. Vous la re⊥rouverez ⊥ous en cliquan⊥ ici: https://fontlibrary.org/index.php?pretty=%2Ffr%2Ffont%2Fvegesignes
model850  autore di Oscilloscope   31/01/2020

...sorry for the late reply. You're the only person who actally noticed this small but crucial detail, since most people don't think about the logic behind it. Idea was to make something that would actually be feasible in real life, not just the "illusion".

Regarding Your own creation at first glance it was confusing, but once the mind adjusts for the illusions and character reflecions/rotations it make sence. Even though it has a rough "finish" it gives it that much more character...:)

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