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YONITED  24/09/2008
Very nice work bro...very beautiful
IDEAIAM  03/08/2009
Very coll.
Angel_VII  11/09/2009
This is a REALLY great font, but I can't get it to load correctly. I was going to use it in a mysapce layout and it wouldn't load in photoshop, or in any text programs either. :(

So disappointed.
InMotion  19/12/2009
Sick !
cpuertas  06/05/2010
Robofan is so much better!
Jaynz  autore di Optimus   05/01/2011
Angel, granted this a reply to a very old post, but this is a VERY old version of the font. I was planning on doing a new version with all my updates in the next few days as I get everything else caught up.
Jaynz  autore di Optimus   27/07/2011
Updated with vastly improved version... should be up soon.
khalki  06/12/2011
hey can i use a modified version of it for commercial use?..
Jaynz  autore di Optimus   05/04/2012
You cannot resell or repackage the font itself, but you can modify it for your own graphics.

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