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Doopy  05/08/2015
Can I have this for commercial use? I already PM'd you, I think, but just to make sure i'll ask again. Sorry.
aravikumar  08/10/2015
Hi, I would like to use this font on a project as well. I tried contacting you, but haven't heard back. What's a good contact email ID?
Lillesund  31/12/2015
can i use this for my youtube channel?
vallex  autore di Obelix Pro   17/02/2016
Hello Doopy, aravikumar and Lillesund.
The Obelix Pro fonts are all free for personal use.
If you intend to use the font for commercial purposes
please let me know. You can write to me on bulfan@gmail.com in order to send you the EULA for the fonts. There you can find the conditions at which you can use the fonts for commercial purposes.
DapperGirl  20/07/2016
hi guys :)
vallex  autore di Obelix Pro   20/07/2016
Hello DapperGirl.
schizo910  20/03/2017
How can you claim you can send a EULA for this font?

It's just a Badaboom (By Blambot) you stretched. This font is not designed by you. Just minimaly altered.
SnipingNukerYT  25/06/2017
Hey there, I love the font, I was just wondering if I could use it for thumbnails on my youtube channel. I do not upload yet but when I do I would like to use your font, please contact me at georgeqld13@gmail.com and here is my YT link - - - www.youtube.com/thesnipingnuker

thanks :)
hrift  07/10/2017
I would like to use this font for youtube videos please contact me khoot79@mail.ru
Blambot  07/02/2018
This font is a minimally modified version of Blambot's original creation, BADABOOM PRO BB, and is a violation of the EULA. It must be removed pending further action.
NixPix  08/08/2019
who r u kidding? its a completely different font.

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