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faisalabjr  05/07/2020
Your font its nice!
If this not for comercial

Please contact me
typodermic  autore di Nulshock   14/07/2020
Thank you. Yes, Nulshock is free for commercial use. Details are included with the font.
overdead  17/11/2021
typodermic  autore di Nulshock   18/11/2021
Thank you!
kenia1001  31/07/2022
Super super super cool font! Thank you for making it free! 😼
Mkxd2010  26/10/2023
That’s bandcam don’t
Mkxd2010  26/10/2023
I meant font
typodermic  autore di Nulshock   27/10/2023
Their logo? What do you mean?

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