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AYAN0  03/01/2011
.. just beautiful.
jmvc_pp  04/03/2011
¡extremadamente hermosa!

(extremely beautiful!)
InDesigner  21/10/2016
Precisos sus contrastes, en verdad, posibilita la realización en sectores de la Cultura
Nicoll Fierro  03/06/2017
Hola Dirk, quisiera saber si al puedo usar para titulos en un libro que se publicará en EEUU, entre 500 a 1000 copias, te agradezco mucho.
throughfrostyeyes  12/02/2018
Hello, I would love to buy this font for commercial use is this possibel.

Many thanks
KristelNastassia  07/06/2018
I am also interested in the use of this font for commercial use. Is it possible to purchase it? Thanks
erinelisellc  21/06/2018
Hello! I would love to use this font for commercial as well! Please advise.
dakbari  16/09/2019
Hello! I would like to use this for commercial - how can I purchase it?
ChelseaHD  12/04/2020
How much for commercial use? Currently crediting you.
mariellabrittel  05/02/2021
How can I purchase a license for commercial use? Just love your font!
ksansbury  07/02/2022
Please can you create numbers 6-0?
treese14  11/03/2022
How can I purchase a license for commercial use?

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