Nightmare 5

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mcrsfan1  23/07/2007
i love it
ProDesign  03/10/2009
Its okay, but I hate how it says nightmare when you do punctuation..
hayleylover  19/10/2010
hallowen is mah birthday :D
carlos martins  11/01/2011
nice lettering
Ba77leSC4R  13/10/2011
I would like to use this font for a clothing line. Would that be okay? I can be contacted at
Acr1m  02/03/2013
Do you have an email? Your website looks like it doesn't exist, and has been taken over by some random searching site.... I'm going to assume your account is hacked or somn as well, as you have download over 8 million fonts.....

This is copied and pasted straight from you profile page, "18 fonts - 8,744,662 downloads (2,913 yesterday)"
Knabensh  22/12/2013
Hello, I am trying to reach you as I would love to use this font for a nonprofit organization's logo. Please contact me so we can work out details!

Chris at

Thank you!
JakeU  27/07/2016
Please can you make this font into proper lowercase letters too? I want to use this font for a project and I don't want the text to be in all capitals.
plaidman76  20/04/2018
So it seems this font designer has dropped off the face of the earth? If you are out there, please contact me.....I'd really like to use this on a small commercial project. kaphij13 at
whoisrishab  06/10/2019
Hey I'd like to purchase the rights to this font for my clothing line please contact me at
msaidr  15/03/2020
Hey I'd like to purchase this font for commercial use please contact me at
thehumanwolf  20/09/2022
Hello, I'd like to inquire about commercial use. Thanks.

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