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Piraja  03/02/2009
My Underwood is absolutely brilliant — the only downside is that it does not have diacritics and some other "special characters". Below is a link to an example of how I personally use it; the musician I was listening at the moment of taking the screenshot is Noël Akchoté, and before him, I was listening to Joëlle Léandre; you might also notice I used a workaround to make a degree symbol, just like people used to do with old-skool typewriters:
mtension  autore di My Underwood   03/02/2009
Thanks for sharing the link. I decided to be a purist when I made this typeface, only creating characters available on my Underwood typewriter. Maybe I will do an updated version if I get inspired down the road.
Piraja  03/02/2009
OK, now I see. Actually I think it's a very good idea to keep it pure and genuine — you named it My Underwood, after all! By the way, I tried also some other old typewriter fonts (not as beautifully crafted as yours, though), but this was the only one to work in the Conky system monitor (of which three separate instances can be seen in my screenshot). Thanks!
mtension  autore di My Underwood   04/02/2009
Glad you like it and thanks for taking the time!
Piraja  04/02/2009
Just one more thing, another screenshot (changed the background for a better match):
Piraja  05/02/2009
Am I being over-enthusiastic? Sorry about this, but I just had to post yet another link — the font really shows some remarkable aspects if not "secret powers" (check the "ink stain"!):
mtension  autore di My Underwood   05/02/2009
Very cool, thanks again for sharing.
themanning  18/09/2009
Hi, I'm designing a cd cover for my friends band(for limited release in the south of England) and would love to use your font for it, this is the first time I have done any thing like this so I don't realy know how it works with copy rights and stuff?.
mtension  autore di My Underwood   18/09/2009
You can use any of my fonts commercially for free. You can make a donation if you feel inclined, but you don’t have too. Here is a link to see all of my fonts and make a donation through PayPal: Cheers.
VWP  17/02/2011
I'm using your font for the website and logo of my non-profit The Veterans Writing Project. You can see it in action at (as of mid-February 2011 the site still has a few glitches, so bear with me). This is a terrific font. I gave you a plug on our Facebook page, too.

( Please click "like" )

Once we receive our first set of donations, I'll send you something as recompense.


Best, Ron
mtension  autore di My Underwood   19/02/2011
VWP: Thanks! Glad the typeface works for you.
Armydeuno  04/09/2012
Hi Tension,

I love your work!

I was wondering if I could have your permission to use this font within my logo for commercial use.

Thank you!

you can contact me at:
isa0304  14/09/2012
Good but I need special characters, like ¥, to use it in my story on Word. Can you please add them?
mtension  autore di My Underwood   19/10/2012
Sorry isa0304 but I wanted this typeface to only use the characters available on my Underwood. Sort of pure. Maybe down the road I will create a pro version, but really there are so many fonts like this one I’m not sure it’s worth it. But maybe.
juuuuulie  22/06/2016
I love this font! do you know how I can make a stencil with it? Thank you, Julie
mrklovesyou  21/01/2021
Great job on this font! Just sent the donation to you! <3

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