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Ismael David  11/09/2010
este es el mejor tipo de letra que he visto en mi vida...
jagwav  27/01/2011
Ingenious way to print "bad words"! :-)
lanachristy  16/06/2011
Wow, you really create some secret code!
Because honestly, as a Chinese speaker, I have no clue on how you formed it this way lol
luyisien  26/04/2013
to lanachisty:
I have no idea how to use this either...
senvious  16/06/2013
rob sterlini made me have a look at this font and i love it
Gunarta  27/07/2013
this is purely simulation font people, the Latin alphabet that having chinese look. Not, real chinese characters.
Struggs  17/08/2013
Oh, my god, it's chinese, but what's that means?
Sinan YU  07/06/2014
I am a Chinese but I still have no idea about these strange characters! In fact, some of them are not real chinese character, they are Bu Shou.(I don't know how to say Bu Shou in English. That means a part of a chinese character)
henry101010  19/08/2014
叼亚几瓦 亚叼尹仑尼亚丹辶
DarkoJuan  autore di Ming Imperial   29/08/2014
brianklomp  14/03/2015
Dude you're awesome. Very cool font
SibbleBob5  27/01/2017
Good font but I still need a ANIME font !! Which I have tried to SUBMIT but lets see when they accept it !!
tim93  02/03/2018
Would like to use for commercial purpose. Please email any details to:
Salva7ore  12/10/2018
¡Está increíble! Muy buen aporte, enhorabuena.

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