Middle Saxony Text

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Gyom Séguin  31/10/2006
really nice...Love the details in the caps.
KENNY1234567890  27/12/2006
tonwen  25/01/2007
Great font but when I go to print it, it mentions copyright issues. As it is free to download I assume it is OK to use. Please advise?
sixtys-child  01/08/2007
love it..great for scrappers!
Cityslicker  28/04/2011
When I try to collect flies with this font it says there are Licensing restrictions... SO IS THIS FONT FREE OR WHAT?? what kind of shadiness is this? You say it's free then sue someone for using it when you catch it in print? WTF??
Beautiful font, works well for us. TONE E SAX uses it on this video:

I'm Feeling Saxy:


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