Lost Saloon

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sebektoja  19/07/2013
I would like to use this font for a commercial use.
Could you tell me if it is possible ?
thanks a lot
waltman17  16/08/2013
I've been trying to contact you through your website and fonts101.com without an answer.

I am currently working on a label design for a new spirit beverage, and one of your fonts are in the "prospect fonts" category for my client, specifically this one:

- Lost Saloon

Downloaded from Dafont.com

The font will be part of the brand, and it is a product specifically intended for the Washington (USA) market, starting with Seattle. so I guess my question is:

Q) How much is the commercial license to use one of your fonts, (my client does not need exclusivity just the appropriate license o use it on its brand)

-Walter GC
byrd2599  27/03/2014
thanks for sharing your fabulous font it will be handing indeed. Thanks again
EMFVerlag  29/01/2015
I'm interested in using this font for commercial use. Please contact me with pricing at produktion@emf-verlag.de. Thanks!
Joshuajj2010  25/03/2018
I would like to use this for a shirt design for a program giving eggs to children in need.

could we use it?

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