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jirayu  12/06/2015
I love it !!!
Can I use for commercial?

Thank you for great font.
MattyDeCesare  autore di Long Shot   14/06/2015
Yep use it how you want, just don't redistribute it
MahfianHasSwag  20/07/2015
Call of Duty Youtubers' favorite font of 2015
doheeKim  08/10/2015
OMG !!
I love your style!
May I use your fonts commercially ?
In order to use the company logo!
Dick Trickle  15/10/2015
this is amazing thank you dso much
-dick trickle
Jorge Torres  04/12/2015
I love this font!! is amazing!
im goin to create a proyect, a game in kickstarter
can i use it for the proyect? :)
DeathStriker5168  06/10/2016
Love it I wish this site had a like system
gabor96  20/11/2016
I love the style! Thank you for this! :)
yariffian  10/02/2017
can i use for commercial?

thank you for wonderful font font
CyrpiotAndy  18/02/2017
I know its been asked before, but is this logo free to use commercially, i think this would look incredible as a logo ?
rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
great font..thank you so much
Fortress Tech  22/07/2018
You forgot the period ".", the comma ",", ampersand "&", and more glyphs.
Achmad Mubarak  25/07/2018
love it
gkehaya  11/06/2019

Really great font!

Can this font be used for commercial use. I have noticed '100% Free', so I believe so, such as merch and logo?

Beesignar  16/05/2020
I really like this font
This is Awesome style. Can I use it for my brand logo?
IanSanc  21/08/2023

Is it possible to use this font commercially for a logo design?


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