Lion King

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marc.johnson  24/01/2008
Hey i'm actually really happy to discovered and recognise a talent and i would like use this font for commercial thing how can i possibly buy your font?

thank a lot

bye bye
StreetLingaz  11/03/2008
Good job at putting this font together.
setonend  10/11/2008
this is awesome but can u make me a copy without the line above?
JeanieandJayha  03/05/2010
how can i get in contact with you about using this font commercially
SatoriaLoh  20/08/2011
THank YOu For putting up the FOnt of my Childhood:)
Komarxxi  10/12/2015
Hi, I am interested in your font for commercial use. How can I do it?

Hi, I am interested in your font for commercial use. How can I do it?
The Young Juice  13/10/2016
Hello, nice work ! I would use your font for commercial. Can you contact-me to speak about?
Thank you ;)  28/11/2016
I, too, am interest in commercial use. Please email me.
scripturestamps  18/12/2016
I'd also like to use this commercially - please contact me:
Rabi17  13/12/2017
It's beautiful font
this font can be used for commercial (logo) purposes?
Email me black-

Thank You
Blá Blá Blá  30/03/2018
Oi!Eu sou escritora e gostaria de utilizar esta fonte para criar as minhas capas.Eu não recebo nada monetariamente pelos meus livros.Então poderia utilizar a fonte de forma gratuita?
MRDUBS  10/07/2018
I would like to use this font commercially.
rikusaze  27/01/2019
I love the font
How can I use in commercial use.
michaela80  03/04/2019
It's beautiful font I like it
this font can be used for commercial(logo) purposes?
Email me please.

Thank You
I'd also like details on the commercial font. Thanks!

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