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AUNLOY  28/09/2008
AUNLOY  28/09/2008
Azurii  17/10/2008
Very nice~!
J'aime beaucoup!
Rose2272  27/10/2008
You totally don't know how to read music!!! NO music could ever look like that! :(
wideyedsuzy  05/12/2008
Thanks so much for this font. I'm making a written exam for my band students, really helped! Much appreciated!
Purple Pandas  12/11/2009
Who would play music written like that?
omnom.  13/01/2010
Music is never written like that, but a creative font all the same.

musicgirl  18/04/2012
This font is really cool. All you have to do is kinda mess around to get the notes you want, and it's kinda fun. It would be easier if you could make a font that doesn't let you use any keys on your computer but A,B,C,D,E,F, and G and it's on the correct keys for the same notes. IDK if you have that kind of time, but could you try to make that??? -musicgirl
platedlizard  15/05/2012
Quarter F = A key? Kinda weird and not very intuitive :\

Is there anyway to make it so the notes and keys line up? A=A, B=B, C=C etc?
imcarelli  07/01/2017
Thanks so much. It is very helpful and useful.
Chiffonnette  03/07/2018

Puis-je utiliser votre police pour un usage commercial? qu'est-ce qu'il en coûte?



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