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smeralda  30/06/2009
very nice =)
Pixels  14/11/2009
I <3 it (: Congrats on making it Top 100
Just downloaded it... looks beautiful
xina_scully  25/11/2009
Beautiful font. But when you convert project to .pdf, error comes up saying "font is copyrighted" and won't display. Font then shows up as Courier New.

Very disappointed in this!
digitalmighty  27/05/2010
Mixed feelings on this one...

I just used this font for the chapter headers and sections of the index on a book, then discovered they could not be embedded in the PDF.

The printer could not accept the font separately (it would not run through their software) so the only options were:

A) Use a different font
B) Convert the font to outlines

It's a bit frustrating since I really think this is a great looking font, but will be wary of using it for any print projects in the future.
ballet  21/01/2011
Would it be possible for me to use this in a logo I am designing and selling? I really love this font and it is amazing for logo design! email me at Thanks!
rszabo  14/03/2014
is this available for commercial use?

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