Kingthings Christmas

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g4lyfe  16/12/2007
princessnuddits  17/12/2007
-=Wjz=-  21/12/2007
Thanks you in advanced ! It's the best fonts for Chrismas ^^!
a_beautiful_soul  22/12/2007
MERRY CHRISTMAS 2 ALL! this is a cooooooooooooooooooool font!
msnfreak  12/01/2008
Hiiee how did you make this font please reply
hildeodie  05/04/2008
this is very nice
brezi  09/07/2008
im likn' it.
legohalflife2man  18/10/2008
This is like the font used in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, just with snow and sparkles all over it. I recently created a font file for the plan Kingthings Regular font, and I plan on submitting it soon.
oldlady1958  11/11/2008
i know this says not to talk about installation troubles, but I have had no trouble whatsoever with any of the other fonts except kingthings christmas. i even rebooted after looking at FAQ's. I still get a font that is identical to Times Roman. What have I done wrong? By the way, I LOVE this font and a friend of mine got hers to download perfectly. Thank you, Sue Parks
lclevi  17/11/2008
This font is great, but i had the same problem as the last lady, it would show up under the fonts but then say it was not installed?? Help i have tried everthing you suggested! I really want this font.
Lani  21/11/2008
oldlady1958 - I've had the same problem - all other fonts i have worked fine but this one (the one i want most hehe) does not work, i've d/l it 4 times just incase something went wrong with the d/l or installation.. but still wont work :(
Any idea why? Cheers
missyelder  21/11/2008
Did anyone figure out how to get this font to work? I am having the same problems listed above...
thegene  30/11/2008
This is a super font but like others, would not work for me. I E-mailed the font creator Saturday evening and he responded Sunday morning and attached a new version 2.1. It works perfect. You should also check out his web home page.
cellular  11/12/2008
Nice font. Im going to use it on a few christmas e-cards that i have to do.
dr.p13  16/12/2008
I downloaded this and it will not show up on my photofiltre.
everytime i click it something pops up and it says.... Unable to load image in file "C:/Documents and settings/kaley/my documents/my pictures/"!
aishat786  17/12/2008
I wish everyone a merry chritmas!!!!!!!!!!
caligirl79  20/12/2008
Mine was not working either so I rebooted, reloaded the font, went into the properties of the font and manually unblocked it from any firewall and it was not working.
I went to the creators website and downloaded it from there and still it was not working.
FINALLY I went into MS Word, I typed up what I wanted to be in this font and changed it to Kingthings Christmas and it came up still in Times New Roman, so I highlighted the prase I needed in this font, then right-mouse clicked over it and then clicked on Fonts. It said Times New Roman there so I changed it to Kingthings Christmas and that fixed it.
Not sure why, but mine is working now.
livipop  07/01/2009
this font is too cute. it is sooo Christmas-y
toriamath  09/06/2009
Amazing font
Francogirl  18/08/2009
Bonjour vous qui parlez Français !!
Vous avez téléchargé cette police comme tous les autres mais elle ne fonctionne pas ?? Dit toi que tu n'est pas le seul !!! Je vais expliquer quoi faire. Une fois la police téléchargé, tu vas dans le programme que tu veux, exemple Word, et tu écrit le texte que tu veux. Après tu n'as qu'a sélectionner ce même texte, cliquer sur le clic droit de la souris, aller sur Police et après tu va chercher Kingthings Christmas. Après c'est suposé fonctionner !! :)
Pixels  14/11/2009
Bonjour! :D

This font is so delicious O_O
Haha, I love your fonts. Nice job.

- Aly♥
bxcope  17/11/2009
Honestly - this font is fantastic. My son loves it and I think it captures the essence of te season!
jwsnell001  05/12/2009
Love this font. I would like to donate to the website in gerneral. Anybody know how to do this?
Sandroed  22/12/2009
Eureka !!
Pour les français qui ont bien cherché comme moi,
For English too,
voici comment faire :
Décompressez le fichier kingthings_Chrismas_2 dans "C/windows/fonts"
Et cette police apparaît enfin dans word !!!!!!!!
katieknows  08/03/2010
mines works great
CatSlater  14/11/2010
Beautiful font!!! Thanks for sharing!
Lalley  22/12/2010
Thank you very much - great font!
ḉʟαм  28/12/2010
This font is perfect!
Thank you very much for creating this. x)
mianakitty  09/10/2011
It's so cute... :D
BunchOfFontz  13/11/2011
Thanks! I'm using this for my wishlist (I'm creating it on my computer)!
mphillip1  28/11/2011
An absolutely beautiful font. I used it in our computer users' newsletter to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I really appreciate what you do. Thank you.  25/12/2011
What an amazing font - so crisp and clear and detailed. Thank you so much for this. It is beautiful.
sheril  09/06/2012
hai i like this font very much, what an amazing font
koledy  13/12/2012
Another Christmas font, thanks!!!
freefontspro  12/12/2013
It is my top choice for the coming X'mas.
cafilli  22/12/2013
absolutely perfectly christmasy, thx for sharing.
Mark01  18/11/2014
My favourite one for Christmas personal postcards.
CoolText  04/10/2015
Get ready! Keep calm! Stop wath your doing! WINTER IS COMING!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Cool font!
hmein  10/11/2016
When listings say 100% free is it open for commercial use
Lorraine817  11/01/2019
Love this font, saving for next Christmas. Thank you
Will Towgood  19/06/2023
Why can't I upload this to Canva?

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