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JesiR  09/06/2006
I've been using this one for a couple years now, and I love it! ;)
papersilk  11/05/2008
Love, love this font! Please add numbers and punctuation!
mickers1  15/05/2008
Ahaha, I love the name.
ZingQueen  28/05/2008
great font...used it for my wedding invitations. But please add punctuation and numbers!!!
flash 1  18/01/2011
Hi, This Font is just what I am looking for some wedding invitations. Can you tell me if you have one on the site that includes capitals, numbers and punctuation? or will you be adding any?
Kind Regards
southcoaster  21/02/2011
This is a very nice font, but without without punctuation and numbers, it really limits the usability of the font. It is sort of like the fonts with only capital or lowercase letters. Also, the name is a little bit of a put off for me.

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