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YNeidr  16/02/2013
Hi again, Vanessa — it's me again! (Though I mentioned this in a personal note to you, I should probably make a note on my page explaining that I'm Viperrific on

This font is fun — a little frivolous (as the name suggests <g>), but still perfectly legible, and not excessive in its use of curls, etc. I love your cursive writing. (I've always had rather lousy handwriting, and when I tried to learn calligraphy so that I could make it look nice, it ended up looking rather childish instead!)

One alternative style you could try for fonts, like this one or Dazzling Divas, that use non-connected cursive letters is a connected-cursive version. I've been impressed by your connected-cursive fonts (e.g., Eternal Promise, A Gentle Touch). As I've noted before, I would recommend adding such style variants to the same font family — as "Just For Giggles Connected," e.g. I think this is preferable to making it a separate font, especially one with an unrelated name, since if its name does not, at the very least, establish some easily recognised link to the family of which it's a variant, your hoards of admirers (according to the download stats) could easily fail to note the relationship between the two. Also, of course, placing it in the same family makes it more convenient to use together with the original. I observed this while changing the font in a file to Lilian with some lines in LoveNessThree (a plan I'd mentioned in my note to you on fontspace — it proved a splendid success BTW): it took a lot more time & effort than it would have taken, say, to change certain lines in a Courier file to Courier italic.

On the subject of font families (immediate and extended :) )...when I installed the two styles, Medium and Skinny, of JustForGiggles, I noticed that it produced the "duplicate font" error message. It didn't take long to figure out why: both styles are named "medium!" (While truetype font files were originally intended for Windows, and I use MacOS, I usually don't get error messages (opentype fonts seem less likely to cause errors, in my experience — some fonts come in both .ttf and .otf, and on a number of occasions, errors I get if I install the .ttf don't appear if I delete it and replace it with the .otf. The ttf/otf distinction doesn't appear to apply with the "duplicate" error, in any case.) This error is considered a minor one — it doesn't make the fonts impossible or dangerous to install or use — but it's something you might want to take a look at to see if you can find out why it's happening. [*Note to overly enthusiastic moderators*: This is *not* an installation problem!!!!! I am ***not*** requesting help installing the font (nor, for that matter, any other sort of help). Rather, I am pointing out what I am guessing is a minor mistake to the font author so that she can fix it to correspond to her intention, giving the appropriate style the separate name "skinny."]

I agree with an opinion expressed somewhere-or-other by Nate/TotalFontGeek: your style reminds me of Kimberly Geswein's (minus the ubiquitous Bible quotes and other religious references :) ), and while her fonts are excellent, she's acquired some real competition since you made your appearance!

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